The Comedy of Errors minimized

Egeon and his wife Emilia were from Syracuse and were temporarily away from home. She gave birth to twin boys, each son given the name Antipholus. They “bought” another set of twin boys, both named Dromio, to “attend” their sons.  Later, separated at sea, Egeon, one son and one attendant found their way to Syracuse. The other three ended up in Ephesus. At eighteen, Antipholus of Syracuse (AS) had left Syracuse to find his brother, taking Dromio of Syracuse (DS) with him. Five years later, Egeon had left Syracuse and for five years has searched the world for AS. He has now arrived in Ephesus.

1. Egeon is sent to jail, Ephesus not accepting Syracusians, Egeon not having bail. He is to be put to death that night. AS and DS arrive in Ephesus that same day. DS takes AS’s gold to their lodging. Adriana, Antipholus of Ephesus’ (AE) wife, sends Dromio of Ephesus (DE) to get her husband home. DE confuses AS for AE. AS believes DE to be DS.  AS asks about his gold. DE wants him home for dinner.  Confusion reigns.

2. DE returns home, telling Adriana that her husband is acting strangely.  An irritated Adriana finds AS.  Now calmer, she sweetly asks AS to come home to dinner and to have DS come along, he to keep others away, while they are together.

3. AE comes home. DS denies him entrance. During dinner, Luciana, Adriana’s sister, charms AS, trying to bring more peace to the family. AS likes the attention, but thinking things strange instructs DS to make plans to leave the city.

4. An angry AE instructs DE to buy a rope’s end. DS rushes up to AE telling him they are to sail that night. AE is mystified. DE returns with the rope’s end, but AE, being out of sorts with recent events, beats DE with the rope’s end. Adriana sees AE beating DE and has them arrested.

5. Frightened by events, AS and DS enter with swords drawn. Adriana seeks to have them arrested; believing AE and DE to have escaped. But AS and DS hide in a priory. The Abbess protects them. Adriana wants them released. The Duke is seen leading Egeon to the gallows. Adriana demands that the Duke require the Abbess to release the men. The Abbess refuses the request. AE and DE have in fact now escaped. They enter.  Seeing AE, Egeon tells the Duke his son can provide bail. AE denies ever having seen his father. The Abbess enters with AS and DS. The Abbess, Emilia, recognizes her husband.  AE and Adriana reconcile. AS declares his love for Luciana. The Dromio brothers rejoice. Egeon and Emilia are reunited, having been separated for twenty-eight years. A party begins.