Henry VI part 3 minimized

The king and his entourage safely arrive in London after quickly leaving the battle with the Yorks at St. Albans. Old Clifford and Somerset were slain, the first by York; the second by York’s son Richard. Young Clifford, an ally of the king’s, had vowed revenge. 

1. York, with Warwick at his side, steps up and sits on the king’s throne.  The king enters and wilts when told he needs to give up the crown.  He accepts York’s demands. The queen and their son, Prince Edward, are devastated. She leaves him, assembles a 20,000 man army. York’s sons assemble a 5,000 man army.  They fight in a remote field.  Young Clifford (Lord Clifford) kills Rutland, York’s young son. The queen and Lord Clifford capture York, cruelly mock him, and then kill him.

2. York’s other sons learn of the family deaths. Warwick, a commanding personality, agrees to lead the young brothers. Warwick and the king, queen and others meet at the city of York.  They discuss options. Lord Clifford encourages the mild king to go his own way.  He does. Lord Clifford dies in a battle.  The king wanders aimlessly in the fields of northern England.  Warwick and the Plantagenet brothers move on to London where Warwick anoints Edward Plantagenet, King Edward IV.

3. Henry VI is captured by gamekeepers and taken to prison. Warwick, the queen and others leave for France to arrange a marriage for Edward IV with the Lady Bonne, the French king’s sister-in-law.  While there, they learn the philandering Edward IV has wooed and quickly married the Lady Grey, now Queen Elizabeth.  Warwick is infuriated.  The French king offers him his support.

4. Back in London, Clarence, upset with his brother’s hasty marriage, shifts his allegiance to Warwick.  Warwick with French support lands in England, captures Edward IV, sending him to the Tower. He escapes. Elizabeth Lady Grey reports that she is pregnant. Henry VI, with inside help, escapes from prison. Henry VI introduces us to the earl of Richmond, calling him “England’s hope.” Henry VI is recaptured and returned to the Tower.

5. At Coventry, Richard Plantagenet has a brother-to-brother conversation with Clarence; Clarence switching his allegiance back to Edward IV.  Warwick leads his men against Edward IV at Barnet. Warwick is killed. The queen’s son, Prince Edward, is captured and stabbed to death by the Plantagenet brothers. Queen Margaret is taken away. Richard promptly leaves for London’s Tower where he murders the incarcerated and defenseless Henry VI.