Henry IV part 2 minimized

The Welsh rebels regroup, following their loss at Shrewsbury.  Owen Glendower has died.  Northumberland, Hotspur’s father, has retired.  Richard Scroop, the Archbishop of York, has stepped up as the leader of the Welsh resistance. 

1. The Archbishop of York has turned the resistance campaign against the king into a religious crusade.  Falstaff has cleverly talked himself through a difficult encounter with the Chief Justice who told him “you live in great infamy.” Bardolph, a resistance leader, advises his associates that they need to proceed with better planning.

2. The Chief Justice demands Falstaff pay Hostess Quickly the “debt you owe her.”  He convinces her to lend him another ten pounds. Prince Harry tells a friend “now my father is sick.”  Entering the Eastcheap tavern under disguise, Prince Harry hears Falstaff call the prince “a good shallow young fellow.”  The prince and others are enlisted to help the king prepare for war.

3. A sleepless king, up late at night, walking the stage in his nightgown, famously says “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”  Accepting his call to duty, Captain Falstaff scours the countryside looking for soldiers, recruiting Mouldy and Shallow. 

4.  The Welsh resistant forces have reached Gaultree Forest.  The archbishop presents their grievances to an aide of Prince John, Prince John being the leader of the king’s forces, Prince John being the king’s third son.  The grievances are accepted.  The archbishop dismisses his troops.  Prince John tells the rebel leaders that their grievances will be honored, but that they personally will be led “to the block of death.”  Back at the palace, the king and the heir to the crown have another beautiful father-son conversation. Prince Harry promises to give his best. Henry IV dies. 

5. The Chief Justice and the prince, now Henry V, having had a rocky relationship, agree that they need each other.  Falstaff, having greeted the new king with “God save thee, my sweet boy” is led to the Fleet, a prison, not to be heard from again.