Henry IV part 1 minimized

Henry Bolingbroke was crowned King Henry IV by his uncle, the duke of York. The year was 1400. He had usurped the crown from his cousin, Richard II.  Henry IV became the first of three Lancastrian kings to rule England for about seventy-five years. Bolingbroke’s father was John of Gaunt, the duke of Lancaster, Edward III’s fourth son. 

1. Hotspur, the young son of Northumberland, Northumberland being a major early ally to Henry IV, has captured 10,000 Scottish soldiers, but refuses to release them, infuriating the king.  The king’s son, Prince Hal to his buddies, helps with plans to rob some travelers.  Prince Hal and Hotspur are peers.

2. The prince’s friends (including Falstaff) rob the travelers, only to be robbed by Prince Hal and a friend. Hotspur agrees to release his prisoners, except for Douglas. Mortimer, the king’s nemesis, is released from a Welsh prison.  Prince Hal bails out Falstaff.

3. The king and his son, Prince Harry to the king, have a good father-son conversation. Prince Harry agrees to help lead a force against the Welsh rebels. Hotspur, who has irritated other Welsh rebels, leads (along with Douglas) the Welsh rebels at Shrewsbury. 

4. Hotspur’s father and Owen Glendower (the Welsh leader) don’t make it to Shrewsbury, upset as they are with Hotspur.  Hotspur offers up his grievances to the king’s aide. The two sides plan to meet in the morning.  Hotspur’s wife is Mortimer’s sister; she being a granddaughter of Edward III’s third son, a fact that frightens the king who is a descendent of Edward III’s fourth son. 

5. During the morning meeting, Prince Harry offers through Hotspur’s agent to fight Hotspur one-on-one, winner take all, saving many lives. Hotspur is delivered a different message.  The battle begins.  By chance, Prince Harry and Hotspur meet.  They fight.  Hotspur is killed. To be fair, Hotspur was a pretty classy guy.  The prince has honored his commitment to his father.