As You Like It minimized

A Duke Frederick has wrested control of a mysterious community from his older brother, a Duke Senior.  Duke Senior has been banished to the Forest of Arden. Duke Senior’s daughter, Rosalind, is cared for by Duke Frederick.  Rosalind and Celia, Duke Frederick’s daughter, are good friends.  Oliver and Orlando De Boys’ father has recently died.  He left by custom all of his assets to the First Brother, Oliver.  Both are young men. Orlando and eighty-year old Adam, Oliver’s servant, are upset with the way Oliver is treating left-out-of-the-will Orlando, the Third Brother.

1. Orlando and Oliver have a serious spat.  Adam supports Orlando. Orlando whips Duke Frederick’s wrestler, upsetting the duke.  The duke banishes Rosalind.  Celia joins her cousin.  They leave for the Forest of Arden, taking the duke’s jester, Touchstone, with them. For safety’s sake, Rosalind disguises herself as Ganymede, a man.  Celia disguises herself as Aliena, his sister. 

2.  Adam tells Orlando that he must for cause leave the area. Adam begs him to let him go with him.  They leave for the Forest of Arden.  The disguised young women reach the forest and purchase a cottage from Silvius’ boss, Silvius being a shepherd. Orlando and a famished Adam enter the forest.  Orlando leaves an exhausted Adam to find food.  He stumbles upon Duke Senior and his crowd at dinner. They welcome Orlando and Adam to their dinner party. Jaques offers us his “All the world’s a stage” soliloquy. 

3. Orlando leaves poems and odes to Rosalind on tree branches.  Rosalind loves them.  Touchstone mocks them. “Love-shaked” Orlando enters, looking for a “remedy.”  Rosalind as Ganymede offers him council.  Touchstone has fallen for Audrey.  Silvius has fallen for Phoebe, she treating him poorly. 

4.  Rosalind as Ganymede holds “wooing” sessions with Orlando at the cottage.  Orlando is late for a session. Oliver enters to tell Ganymede that Orlando saved his life, whipping a lion.  Disguised Rosalind faints. Oliver tells her “you lack a man’s heart.”  She agrees. Oliver falls for Celia. 

5. Rosalind decides it’s time to take charge.  With deftness, diplomacy, charm and style, Rosalind arranges four marriages, the men being Orlando, Oliver, Touchstone and Silvius.  She lets her father in on the act late in the game.  The Second Brother, Jaques, enters to tell us that Duke Frederick has returned his crown to Duke Senior.  All is well in the Forest of Arden.