A Midsummer Night's Dream minimized

We promptly learn that Theseus, the duke of Athens, the city’s judge and jury, is looking forward to his upcoming wedding with Hippolyta. We also learn that an Athenian father named Egeus is very upset with his daughter, Hermia, who wants to marry Lysander; Egeus believing Demetrius would be the better husband.  In Athens, at that time, a young woman would either marry the man her father suggests or she would die. 

1. Egeus presents his case to Theseus. Helena is Hermia’s very good friend from childhood and is Demetrius’ fiancée, and Helena is miffed.  Egeus and Helena are both angry. To escape the turmoil, Hermia and Lysander plan to elope. Sweetheart Hermia shares her plans with Helena, who shares them with Demetrius, all four of them rushing off through the woods.  A group of tradesmen from Athens are there in the woods practicing their skit for Theseus’ reception.

2.  Rushing through the woods, Helena begs Demetrius for his attention. Oberon, the king of the fairies, there in the forest, jealous of Titania, his queen, seeks the nectar from the pansy, the flower struck by Cupid’s errant arrow, making it a magic flower. The nectar from the flower when placed on one’s eyelids causes the person on wakening to fall for the first creature he or she sees.  Oberon has his aide, Puck, place the nectar on the Athenian’s eyelids.  Puck picks Lysander, the wrong Athenian.  Oberon places the nectar on the eyelids of the sleeping Titania.  Lysander wakens and falls for Helena. 

3. Puck believes Bottom, one of the amateur actors from Athens, to be an inept actor.  He transforms his head to a jackass.  Titania wakens, sees Bottom, and instantly falls for him.  Oberon and Puck realize their earlier error, Puck having mistaken Lysander for Demetrius.  Puck places the nectar on Demetrius’ eyelids. The four lovers all asleep, fogged in, not realizing the others are nearby.

4. Bottom wakens, declaring what a “midsummer night’s dream” he’s had. Robin has converted Bottom’s head back to normal. Once again, Oberon places the nectar on Titania’s eyelids.  She wakens and sees Oberon. They are in love.

5. Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus enter the woods and inadvertently waken the lovers.    Lysander declares his love for Hermia as Demetrius declares his love for Helena.  Egeus accepts Lysander as a to-be husband for his daughter.  Theseus proposes a triple wedding, accepted by all. A reception is held. It is fabulous. The tradesmen entertain the newlyweds.